Nuevas Evas

Sales deck


Persuasive sales deck that captivates the attention, increases audience recall of key information, generates positive impact, and helps close more sales.

*Data on slides is obscured to preserve confidentiality.


Nuevas Evas is a nutritional online business and health community. They teach people how to recover their health using the most effective nutritional treatments. Nuevas Evas created a new business model for doctors, where by becoming their health representatives, the practitioners can offer the best nutritional treatment available for patients.

The Slightly Perfect team delivered a first-class pitch deck and presentation brochure. The materials delivered have become an important asset that contributed to our business success. They are very talented and have a good work ethic. Communication was clear, efficient and the work was delivered punctual. The Slightly Perfect team are a true gem among agencies. Glad we found them.
Alejandra A.
CEO Nuevas Evas

What we did

Being a business in the medical and health sector requires a serious and very corporate approach, but also a friendly touch. That’s why we combined a clean, professional design with vibrant colour accents and positive images that represent the target audience. We presented complex information and stats in well-structured infographics.


With the deck we created together, Nuevas Evas contacted many doctors and got more than 10 leads to start working with them. A few months later, it led to a life-changing business opportunity.

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