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A large and extremely important presentation project successfully completed within a very tight deadline. From building the narrative, through visualizing the content to giving useful tips and advice for speech delivery.

*Data on slides is obscured to preserve confidentiality.


A Canadian transportation company that provides freight, warehousing, and logistics solutions. The company was invited to participate in a vendor day meeting organized by its largest customer to present innovative collaboration ideas.

Liliana and her team consistently over-delivered with every aspect of our project together! Whether it was copywriting, design, theory, or practice they diligently delivered their best. From the first moment we met, they were prompt, professional, respectful and engaging.
Even in the face of countless revisions and uncertainty they provided surety and confidence that allowed us the ability to finish this project successfully.
Chase W.

What we did

All our client had was a good idea, a brand guideline, and a very tight deadline. What he needed was a rousing 30-minute presentation that would impress the senior management and show that his company was an innovative, modern and committed partner.

We crafted the narrative from beginning to end, extracted raw data and transformed it into captivating visuals. Bold slides that convey the key messages in a clear, loud and expressive way. Eye-catching animated design to keep the audience engaged throughout the entire presentation. Once the deck was ready, we moved on to the second most important aspect – delivering the speech. We had several training and practice sessions with our client to ensure that his speech was impeccable and perfectly synchronized with the visuals on the screen. Together we worked on speaking speed, body language, audience interaction, and navigating the deck while on stage.

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