Corporate template


A fully editable, customized corporate template consisting of more than 50 different layouts. Built-in fonts, colour schemes and styles to match the brand’s visual identity.


Headspring is a B2B software consulting firm. They help their clients transform their businesses through technology, offering a whole suite of solutions that range from app development to legacy system modernization to total organizational transformation.

You're incredible! A team focused on our success, excellent customer service, and outstanding quality. We loved your style and the work you delivered. Highly recommended; looking forward to working with you again!!
Fernando V.
Marketing Manager

What we did

First, we carefully analyzed previous materials and presentations that Headspring used. We conducted many interviews with Headspring staff to better understand their needs and issues in creating presentations. Our team defined and structured different use cases, and created the skeleton of the template based on them.

In the end, we created over 50 different layouts with easy-to-use text and image placeholders. We also added an accompanying manual with instructions, sample slides, and how these slides were created. A set of icons and photos that could be used with the new template were also created. Then we started the testing phase, where different team members could try out the template and provide feedback for further improvements.


A widely accepted template by the Headspring team that allows presenters to create professional-looking, consistent slides faster.

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