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What do I have to provide you with to begin?

We will have a call to discuss the content you already have, your ideas, desired results, and recommendations. If you don’t have content we can build it together.

Any materials you have like brand guidelines, logo, images, presentation draft, notes, website, or social media links will be extremely useful in getting to know your business better.

What if I don’t have a style guide or brand identity?

If your brand does not have a style guide, we can use your existing website and social media channels as a guide.

If you would like an entirely new aesthetic, we could definitely do that.

Can you redesign an already existing presentation?

We sure can!

We’ll need your presentation in an editable format (PowerPoint, Google Slides, or a Keynote file) and your notes on what needs to be changed. You can also provide a branding style guide or a link to your website so we can stick to your brand’s visual identity.

What file formats will I receive?

You will receive an editable file of your presentation, plus a PDF version. If you need any particular design elements exported separately, please let us know in advance.

Will you keep my information confidential and/or sign an NDA?

Yes, we will keep your information confidential, and sign an NDA if you require it.

How do I pay you?

Before we start the project, our team will send you a price and timeline estimation. Once approved, we divide the payment into two or more milestones (depending on how large the project is). We issue the first invoice at the start of the project (50% of the total amount), and the remaining 50% after the final files are delivered.

How much does a presentation cost?

Each client’s needs and each project is completely different, so we estimate every project individually. Once we get on a call and learn more about your project, you will receive a price offer and we will discuss every financial question you might have.

How much time does it take to get a presentation done?

There are several factors that affect how long presentation execution takes. These include: the number of slides, the complexity of the information, how text-heavy it is, whether there is a lot of data to be visualized, etc.

For reference, if you already have the content (e.g. 20 slides), and it isn’t text-heavy, has 2-3 charts, and some pre-existing design, it will take us 7–10 business days to complete. On certain occasions, express delivery is possible, but this has budget implications.

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