28 January 2023

Why Invest in a Professional Corporate Template?

You’re probably a marketing or sales manager at a big company, searching for a time-saver for your next presentation. A corporate template fits the bill; something your teams can use time and time again to craft powerful, on-brand presentations.

And this template needs to be functional and user-friendly for every member of your team.

But where do you get a template this powerful from? The internet? Do you make it yourself? Hire a design agency?

A quick Google search produces multiple websites touting “free corporate template powerpoints.” Hundreds of quick, free, premium corporate template downloads at your fingertips. Almost sounds too good to be true!

Take it from a professional team that designs these complex templates for a living: yes, it is definitely too good to be true.

What a Corporate Template Is, And Why It’s a Worthy Investment

Let us paint you a picture here. We all know that one guy who ignores his check-engine light for months. He should’ve just hired a skilled mechanic to check under the hood.

But instead, he pushes it off. Eventually, he breaks down on the side of the road, the car billowing with smoke. Don’t be that guy.

Here’s the lesson: We can’t afford to cut corners with the things that really matter. Especially when that thing involves a high degree of technical know-how.

Like cars, a corporate template is something that should be done right.

What Is a Corporate Template?

A corporate template is a particular type of presentation containing predefined layouts, fonts, a set of colors, and formatting settings. What makes it different from an ordinary presentation is that you will find text and image placeholders guiding you on what content to fill in rather than the content itself.

A presentation template is part of a company’s core communication strategy, both internally and externally. It is a powerful tool helping non-designers make impactful slides fast.

Why You Should (Definitely) Invest in One?

A poorly constructed business PowerPoint template will wreak havoc on your marketing system. Get ready for wasted time, money, and massive headaches down the road. 

One size does not fit all. 

Beware of generic templates you find online or designers who don’t ask questions. A corporate template is meant to be based on your specific needs, use cases, and brand identity. Like a well-tailored suit, we want to build it around your unique profile, not shove you into something prefabricated.

Crafting a good template is time-consuming and requires a lot of user experience expertise.

Choosing the Right Partner for Your Corporate Template

At Slightly Perfect, we’ve seen way too many clients with brand-new templates that look nice but don’t actually work.

This is the classic example of when the template is created fast and without deeper understanding. In those cases, the slides are not built in the so-called “Master slide,” and this might lead to multiple issues when opened on different computers.

Here is what you should look for when partnering with a professional designer on a corporate template.


Designers with proven case studies of successful corporate templates for high-caliber clients.


Designers who explicitly offer custom-made corporate templates as one of their core services. Low-tier designers will try to offer everything under the sun, while true experts hone in on niches like this.


Designers with a proven understanding of what goes into the backend of technical template design, such as Master Slide creation and troubleshooting.

Our Professional Corporate Template Process

Our first-tier corporate template design process is comprehensive and customized to your exact needs:



We analyze your materials, use cases, and unique problems to understand what we’re working with thoroughly.



We communicate with various team members of yours to get a strong understanding of where everyone’s needs lie. After all, these are the people regularly using the template!



We perform a special testing phase upon template completion. This is to ensure smooth functionality with no bugs for your team.



We personally train your team on how to use the template. In this training, we emphasize the importance of the Master Slide and its technical aspects.



Finally, we deliver the finished product, additional resources, and all the direction you need to make effective, stunning PowerPoint or Google Slides in the future.

A Functional, Stunning Template for Business Success

Our priority is to ensure companies walk away with a highly functional, visually captivating professional template. The theme will be on-brand, with consistent layouts. We provide editable charts, table sheets, and icon sets, and smooth out the bugs.

Just like a bad pitch deck can ruin a great business idea, a bad corporate template can ruin your visual communication strategy. An expertly-crafted corporate template is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

When it comes to a marketing tool as essential as a corporate template, don’t leave it up to mid-range designers or generic PowerPoint template downloads. Invest in a professional presentation design team. Because you’re not just a generic company.

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