24 August 2022

Why hire a Presentation Agency?

There’s no denying it. In the digital age, we have an abundance of free resources to teach us practically any skill. How to open a wine bottle with a toothbrush, how to solve a rubix cube, how to design our own PowerPoint slideshow…

But let’s imagine for a minute you’re playing in the World Cup, and you have one last chance to deliver the winning goal for your whole team. The stakes are high.

Would you show up for your moment of greatness with a football you made yourself?
Let’s hope not.

When it’s down to the wire, you’ll want to have professional-quality tools in your corner. That’s where a presentation design company comes in.

Don’t Become
Another Statistic

It feels bleak to know that 9 out of 10 startups fail. Have you tried to launch your own venture? You’ve probably realized the key to success is getting others to buy into your vision. And oftentimes, a presentation is your one shot to make it happen.

But guess what? Only about 1% of pitch decks succeed in attracting investors. So it’s not shocking that the failure rate for startups is so high.

You’ve already invested so much time in building your business. You’re losing sleep ruminating about where the money will come from to stay afloat.

You’ve rehearsed your pitch a thousand times in your head. You’re stretched thin on the razor’s edge between success and failure.

We know how dedicated you are to succeeding, and the last thing we want is for your slideshow to be thrown to the trash pile like thousands of others.

Don’t become another statistic. Delegate the tough job of presentation design to a dedicated team of professionals who live and breathe masterful presentations.

Snooze-Worthy PowerPoint Templates? Your Message Deserves Better

A well-executed presentation has the power to win the hearts of your audience, or lose their interest forever. It can be the difference between scoring contracts and investors, or losing their money and your faith.

At Slightly Perfect, our goal is to give presentations the competitive edge they need to succeed in the cut-throat world of business.

Your audience is usually expecting to see something uninspired, like a cookie-cutter PowerPoint template recycled by the masses.

But with a presentation design company on your team, working to intentionally craft stunning, one-of-a-kind presentations, your audience will be leaning in for more.

Quality presentation design experts get these results because they’ve mastered the formula of what makes a winning presentation so powerful. They know what it takes to create a functional design that delivers both clear communication and an engaging visual narrative.

Slightly Perfect has years of collective experience in designing impactful presentations. Seamlessly combining business and marketing expertise, sales knowledge, and visual storytelling, we’ll help get you the outcomes you want.

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