28 October 2022

What Ruins Great Business Ideas? Bad Pitch Decks

So you’ve got a good idea. No, a great idea.

And if you’re anything like most successful startup owners who built an empire, you’re probably consumed day and night by this idea. You journal about it, talk about it with everyone you know, even dream about it at night.

We’re sort of unsure now whether we’re talking about a startup company or a new relationship.

In any case, you’re ready to take the seed of that idea and grow it into a whole forest of money trees.

The problem is, you need big capital to get it going. And for that, you’ll need to knock the socks off potential investors with a powerful, compelling investor deck.

But seeing as how not even 1% of brand-new startups win funding from angel investors, the success of any given pitch deck hangs in the balance.

You’ll want to use all the tools in your arsenal to gain the capital you need. Because sadly, coming up with a great idea is just the first of many hurdles.

Investors have seen it all. Retro PowerPoint presentation templates, glitchy product demos, and confusing hooks. What are they even trying to sell us?

Venture capitalists and angel investors are risking a lot investing their money in your business, so they need to be blown away by both your business model and your captivating business concept.

This is where a professional presentation design company comes in.

It’s Time Hand Off Your Investor Deck

We think there’s an artful science to crafting a winning investor deck. A high-quality presentation development and design agency should know exactly what sticking points to emphasize, and where to emphasize them. Especially when you’re still in the early stages.

And a presentation design company that’s worked with startup owners before will be able to execute a visually beautiful slideshow with a compelling hook and none of the fluff.

It’s a tightrope walk to weave a captivating story into your business model, all while offering a clean design.

Before you have the actual hard data to back up the success of your startup, your pitch deck will need an even more impressive storytelling element. One that has a hook compelling enough to convince investors to take a huge leap.

Collaborating with a seasoned presentation design agency like Slightly Perfect can allow you to put more of your energy into your idea. We’ll take care of the elite design so you can focus on building and refining your new business.

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